We would like to encourage you to watch the film in which Wiktor Wołoszko talks about the methods of engaging participants in educational games, including those conducted online. The video contains many interesting tips and hints on how to prepare for classes using educational games and how to conduct and summarize them as effectively as possible. Link to the material: How to strengthen the involvement of participants in training games? – YouTube

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On March 23, there will be a free online event organized by Flood Expo. Speakers will present topics such as natural flood management, infrastructure, flood modeling and monitoring. The Flood Expo is the UK’s largest exhibition and conference dedicated to helping the most progressive flood professionals and property owners discover the latest products, services and strategies that are changing the way of prediction, protection and floods management. For register, visit: https://www.thefloodexpo.co.uk/flood-summit#/

2ND ANNUAL PRACTITIONER FORUM: TRAINING EDITION TUE 24/11/2020 & WED 02/12/2020 ONLINE We would like to kindly invite you to Annual Pracitioner Forum organised by DAREnet project consorium. This years Practitioner Forum will focus on the subject of “Training”. The forum will introduce selected innovative approaches from practitioner organisations from the Danube Region with the aims to facilitate discussions about solutions, challenges and needs between experts and stakeholders, also to generate project ideas. For more information and registration, please visit website https://www.practitionerforum.eu

8-24 September 2020 Being members of the project team, we kindly invite you to participate in the DAREnet Online Workshop Cycle. The DAREnet project aims at strenghtening flood resilience in the entire Danube river region. For this purpose, the practitioners’ view on needs and innovations is essential. In order to collect this knowledge and allow for collaborative work, DAREnet invites groups of people from different domains and disciplines, organisations and countries to join this webinar on “equipment” in flood response and management. The first webinar will focus on Hygienic Measures in the Context of Floods and will be held on 8th September 1.00-3.00PM. For more information and registration please visit https://www.cmine.eu/events/40434. The CMINE website provides information about other webimars organised by DAREnet project that will focus on Securing Evacuated Areas, Social Media Handling, Levee Defence, Levee Control and Flood Protection Measures, Water Rescue and Boat Operation.

COVID-19 has accelerated implementation of digital technologies to support containment of the pandemic. It is in the public interest to allow emergency exceptions for data collection and processing. However, this should not be at the cost of individual freedoms and civil liberties that underpin the functioning of democracy. And, to become effective, many of the technologies require public trust and the trust of emergency practitioners. This webinar explores how to support innovation that is ambitious and sensitive with a view to digital ethics. The event will take place on 23 June at 11am CEST.   Agenda and registration here.

Five pan-European networks of security practitioners jointly invite to the live webinar and will present top keynote speakers with different backgrounds, providing insights and first-hand experience obtained during real disaster events. Participation is free and open to practitioners, researchers and other interested professionals from different disciplines. To receive your personal invitation, please register using the link below. Event website

Three European projects MINDb4ACT, CHAMPIONs and BRAVE funded under the H2020 and ISF- P European Commission Programmes are pleased to invite you to register at the RADPol2020 conference “Radicalisation in Central and Eastern Europe – trends, challenges and opportunities to counteract”. Due to COVID-19 outbreak the conference will be held as online formula namely three webinars that will take place on 18th June 2020; 25th June 2020 and 2nd July 2020. The agenda, registration form and other details can be found on the conference website – Conference: RADPol2020