A computer platform for crisis management training.

What is PROCeed?

PROCeed is a computer system designed for preparing for making decisions in simulated situations. It allows to create and run various types of simulation applications, both for the purposes of training in the form of interactive decision games, as well as a toolkit for multi-variant analysis. The use of simulation techniques enables realistic representation of the real course of a selected critical situation, by taking into account all necessary roles, decisions, phenomena, physical objects or elements of environment. By observing the dynamically changing simulated situation, the system user is able to make various decisions affecting its further course and the behaviour of other users.


Many possibilities for self-development

How do we absorb knowledge?

By Listening


By Observing


By Acting


The degree of detail of the simulated situation, the methods of its visualization and the scope of user interaction are determined by appropriate models, prepared individually for each simulation application. These models may be based on simple, predefined dependencies, as well as may contain complicated mathematical and physical transformations faithfully reflecting the dynamics of selected phenomena (e.g. flood, fire). Thanks to the versatility and flexibility of the PROCeed system, it is possible to prepare and use any detailed models, any chosen fragment of reality, as well as to adjust the methods of presenting the state of the situation to specific user requirements.

What's new in PROCeed?

How to strengthen the involvement of participants in training games?

We would like to encourage you to watch the film in which Wiktor Wołoszko talks about the methods of engaging participants in educational games, including those conducted online. The video contains many interesting tips and hints on how to prepare for classes using educational games and how to conduct and summarize them as effectively as possible. Link to the material: How to strengthen the involvement of participants in training games? – YouTube

PROCeed is up and running again

Dear customers, The failure caused by the fire in Strasbourg in the OVH server room has been averted. You can now use PROCeed again at the regular address. Best regards, PROCeed team

Server failure

Dear customers, we have a server failure due to a fire in Strasbourg at OVH, where the servers we use are located. We will try to restore PROCeed as soon as possible. Best regards, PROCeed team